Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are you living up to your fullest potential?

"I Think I Smell Garlic" A Recipe for Life by J.C. Melvin

Have you ever reflected on your life and thought to yourself is this as good as it gets?
If you are not satisfied, are you going to do anything about it? Is it okay to let your life pass you by? This book is a fun and easy read that discusses the importance of living your life to your fullest potential. I had the pleasure of meeting with J.C. Melvin and listening to him discuss the importance of the human mind and creating that change. In business and in our lives we can all relate to the ups and downs that lie ahead of us and behind us. We are all capable of being truly amazing, but sometimes we just need a little motivation.  This book is just a reminder of  how to "accomplish your dreams and reach your goals"....

Please share what motivates you?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our First Blog..

From the Source
Welcome Friends and Clients of WaterMark Executive Suites.  This will be our first official blog.  It is our plan to bring you future posts that will provide you with information concerning virtual offices, co-working, meeting rooms or whatever the latest business center innovation might be.  We also plan to introduce you to our excellent team and let you meet some of our clients.  But the goal of today’s post is to answer the what, who and why questions of WaterMark. 
What is WaterMark?   Who is WaterMark? And Why is WaterMark the best choice for your Virtual Office, Executive Suite or Meeting Room needs?
First of all WaterMark Executive Suites is a full service business center.   We can provide you with everything from a mail service, or a fully furnished office where you stop in once or twice a week to meet with a client, to a beautifully appointed conference room for your next important board meeting or a fully set up classroom with desks for twenty–five paying participants where you have the choice of displaying your bullet points on a full wall whiteboard or showing off your latest Power Point presentation using our laptop projector and screen.  And of course we have offices to rent: from small economically priced interior offices to spacious courtyard offices with an exterior door and a wall of windows.
This is just small sampling of “What” we are.  The “Who” we are is what sets us apart.
WaterMark is Women Owned and Women Operated.  That means that any given time you are probably going to be interacting with one of the Partners.  This also means that if you have a question or a problem that needs resolved you are not going to have to wait a week to get an answer while your question is shipped off to corporate headquarters in another state or maybe even another country.   Since we do have two locations, chances are that one partner will be at Rainbow while the other is at Cheyenne.  This allows us keep a close eye on both places each week and also lets us get to know our clients and their specific needs better.  We have always managed WaterMark with a “hands on” approach and have never been afraid to get those hand a bit dirty.  If something needs touched up, set up, or hooked up chances are good that one of us is doing just that.
Now that you know just who we are, let’s get to the most important part, as far as you the reader are concerned: Why should you pick WaterMark for your business needs?   Hopefully we have already answered that in the “what” and “who” sections of this post, but if you are still wondering, let me explain further.  We will help you Grow Your Business.  We love nothing better than to sign up a small start up business and watch them grow from a mail service to a small interior office and then move down the hall to a larger exterior office and then around the corner to a double office with an exterior door and then...   We have the location, we have the people and the presence and we have YOUR office space.  What are you waiting for?